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1. New Approaches To Management

Three Manager's Skill Sets: Management Leadership Coaching

New Management vs. Traditional Management

New Company-Employee Partnership

The Fun Factor

Shift From Management To Leadership

Differences Between What Leaders and Managers Do  See the slide

25 Lessons from Jack Welch  See the slide

Employee Empowerment: 3 Levels

Shift from Functional To Cross-functional Paradigm

Creating Cross-functional Teams

2. New Management Roles

The Tao of Balanced Management

Managing Knowledge Workers: Challenges and Solutions

Attitude Motivation

Inspiring People: 4 Strategies  See the slide

Energizing Employees: 4 Principles

The Tao of Leveraging Diversity

Management by Consciousness

The Tao of Employee Empowerment  See the slide

3. Leadership

Leadership-Management Synergy  See the slide

Leader 360  See the slide

Effective Leadership: Attributes Results

Leadership Attributes  See the slide

Above All, Leadership Is About...

SuperLeadership: Leading Others To Lead Themselves

12 Effective Leadership Roles  See the slide

Specific Attributes of Entrepreneurial Leaders  See the slide

Situational Approach To Leadership

The Tao of Management By Leadership

4. Coaching

Coaching In the Workplace: Key Benefits

Effective Coaching: Definition and Key Benefits

The Tao of Coaching

Selecting an Appropriate Coaching Style: Skill / Will Matrix

Coaching in the Workplace: List of Activities

Instant Payoff Coaching

The GROW Model

Building a Coaching Culture

Coaching Yourself

5. New Project Management Models

Project Management: 2 Models  See the slide

Innovation Process: Traditional vs. Flexible Process

The 10 Key Project Leader Skills  See the slide

Modern Business Synergies Approach

Radical vs. Incremental Innovation

Lifestyle vs. Venture Management

Specific Skills of Radical Project Managers

The Jazz of Innovation  See the slide

Sample Smart & Fast Lesson

Slide + Executive Summary


12 Effective Leadership Roles Corporate Vision Employee Empowerment Team Building and Teamwork Vadim Kotelnikov Ten3 Business e-Coach (full version) Leadership Synergy Synergy Leadership and Management Effective Manager Strategic Management: Resource-based Model Pursuing Opportunities Strategic Achievement Risk Management Inspiring People Decentralization and Delegation Managerial Leadership The Jazz of Innovation Leadership-Management Synergy

Leadership and Management: A Huge Difference and Synergy

Do you wand to be a leader or a manager? You need to make a choice as there is a huge difference. The world is full of managers and short of leaders real leaders.  Effective leadership is doing right things and putting first things first. Effective management is doing things right, discipline, and carrying it out. When managing, you are performing such activities as planning, directing, organizing, measuring, and controlling. When leading, you are involved with visioning, inspiring, coaching, energizing, and empowering. Management is much broader in scope than leading and focuses on nonbehavioral as well as behavioral issues. Leading emphasizes mainly behavioral issues.

To maximize your long-term success you should strive to be both a manager and a leader and to synergize their functions. Merely possessing management skills is no longer sufficient for success as an executive in today's business world. You need to understand the differences between managing and leading and know how to integrate the two roles to achieve organizational success. As a manager, you must make sure that a job gets done, and as a leader, you must care about and focus on the people who do the job. To integrate management and leadership, therefore, demands a delicate balance between a calculated and logical focus on organizational processes (management) and visioning, energizing employees, and a genuine concern for them as people (leadership).

Synergy between Your Leadership and Management Roles

An effective Business Leader Needs Two Sets of Skills:

1. Skills To Meet Organizational Needs

2. Skills To Meet Group Members' Needs

You cannot be only a "human relations specialist" nor only a "productivity specialist". You must be both.

Leadership role: to provide inspiration, create opportunities, energize people, and make key choices. Management role: to make things happen 


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