Project Management


Project Management: 2 Approaches

Business Synergies Approach



Two Major Types of Projects

Project Panning Approaches


Target Market

Management Approach

Lifestyle: change cycle is longer than duration of the project

Project Administration   classic approach built on the triple constraints of project management - cost, duration, and outcome

Rapidly changing: highly competitive; change cycle is shorter than or equal to duration of the project

Business Synergies new entrepreneurial Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book approach to managing projects; goes beyond the triple constraints to consider project and project outcome lifecycle in a wider context of the overall organizational strategy




How to plan and manage
radical change / innovation project

How to plan and manage
Information Technology (IT) project

Radical projects
require specific approaches.

70% of radical projects fail because
project managers lack relevant skills.

Yet, you can not just succeed, but
achieve far beyond aspirations
if you use these master keys:




 How to plan and manage lifestyle projects


Project Management: PROJECT PLANNING


 "A carelessly planned project takes three times longer to complete than expected; a carefully planned project takes only twice as long"  ~ Golub's Law

Planning Activities

The planning activities that you, with the help of your team members, will need to do for the project are listed below:

  • To recruit and build the team

  • To organize the project

  • To identify and confirm the start and end dates through a project schedule

  • To create the project budget

  • To identify clearly the customer requirements for the final outcome

  • To define the project scope boundaries ‒ what it included and not included in the project

  • To write a description of the final outcome

  • To decide who will do what

  • To assign accountability... More




Project Planning Activities  >>    Project Plan Document


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