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Traditional functional paradigm has done more to impede customer focused, business performance improvement over the past two decades than almost any other factor.

How can you transform the traditional functional mindset such that your organization is designed to make it easy for customers to do business with the company and easier for employees to better serve the company's customers?

The effective way of transforming the traditional functional mindset is to embrace enterprise business process thinking and install enterprise business process management (EBPM) practices.

The case for taking the effort to transform the leadership's mental model via EBPM.


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Business process thinking facilitates a more succinct expression of purpose and strategic direction. The relatively simple language of business process enables leaders to avoid the excessive use of jargon and to frame company purpose and strategic direction in terms which can be understood from the boardroom to the lunchroom.


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It places cross group linkages and interdependencies under a microscope as greater clarity is achieved in achieving a shared understanding of the cross-functional and cross-group business processes which create value for customers and shareholders.


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It promotes more of a balanced view on performance measurement, with a greater focus on the timeliness and quality of key customer touching business process outputs to balance the traditional financial metrics.


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It assists in framing management reward systems so as to create a more objective view on group interdependence in satisfying customer needs and wants.


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It places the deployment of information technology in the proper perspective - which is to enable business process performance. It takes IT out of the realm of the 'big bang' and increases the perceived value of adaptability. What is more, it encourages executives to surface the technology issues iteratively as the leadership team develops a shared understanding of the enterprise-wide business processes, their current performance and the key gaps. As this iterative approach is used, senior management acquires a clearer sense of where technology will enable performance and can make more informed decisions on which IT projects should be funded, what results can be expected and what the likely payback might be.


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