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Turn data into profitable action more effectively and faster


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An effective performance management system allows you turn data into profitable action more effectively and faster. It allows you create greater value for all stakeholders and outperform your competitors.

When a performance management system is operated effectively, there are great benefits for both individuals and organizations. It creates organizational focus and alignment and a shared mental model for developing, leading and managing the business in a way that coverts strategic objectives into effective and synergistic business practices.


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According to the Institute of Performance Management, an effective performance management system:

▪ Provides the basis for managing the business of today and for developing it into the future through the performance of people

▪ Gives the means for evaluating and improving both individual and company performance against pre-defined business strategies and objectives


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▪ Develops employee understanding of what needs to be achieved

▪ Helps all employees to improve corporate performance

▪ Helps all employees to be rewarded on the basis of their contribution

  Performance Management System benefits


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