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Canon Production System (CPS)

Being a part of the Canon Production System (CPS), the Five Ss movement helped change attitudes. Employees started readily follow workplace rules that previously had been difficult to employ. As a result, performance measures such as defect rates, equipment breakdowns, and number of accidents have all been improved.




Fidelity Investments

At Fidelity Investments practicing Kaizen involves listening closely to customers and treating our fellow employees like customers.


Kaizen Mindset

Practicing Kaizen

Kaizen and TQM



Jeff Bezos story lessons quotes

We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

Jeff Bezos






Jack Welch's goal was to make GE the world's most competitive enterprise. "We now know where productivity real and limitless productivity comes from. It comes from challenged, empowered, excited, rewarded teams of people," he said. Welch knew that the current business environment requires an energized, energizing leader: "You've got to be live action all day. And you've got to be able to energize others. Your cannot be this thoughtful, in-the-corner-office guru. You cannot be a moderate, balanced, thoughtful, careful articulator of policy. You've got to be on the lunatic fringe."


25 Lessons from Jack Welch

Six Sigma at GE

GE Work-Out


Problems Addressed

5 Growth Dimensions

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Hewlett-Packard Way

To create an organization that could sustain its competitive advantage regardless of marketplace whims and what their competitors were building, HP founders based their corporate culture on the integration and reinforcement of critical opposites. This became known as the Hewlett-Packard Way.

HP has achieved "what appears to be the greatest dichotomy: creating an environment that celebrates individualism, but at the same time one that is also wholly supportive of teamwork . Although HP people are taught to engage in cross-functional teams, they are also rated on the performance of decentralized business units and personal achievement," writes Anne Bruce in How To Motivate Every Employee.


Successful Company

Balanced Company

Cross-functional Management (CFM)

Performance-based Company

Balanced Business System


Performance Management





Akio Morita advice quotes Sony

Management of an industrial company must be giving targets to the engineers constantly.

Akio Morita






"Creating a culture in which every person in your organization, at every level, thinks and acts like an owner means that you need to aim individual performance with your company's most important objectives," says Michael Dell, the Founder of the Dell Inc. 


Customer Experience Management

Share Gains with Your Employees






"For us, that means we mobilize everyone around creating the best possible customer experience and enhancing shareholder value and we use specific quantitative measurements of our progress toward those goals that apply to every employee's performance. A company composed of individual owners is less focused on hierarchy and who has the nicest office, and more intent on achieving their goals. At Dell, everyone's an owner."

  Lessons from Business Legends e-book PowerPoint slide deck for teachers