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Sam Walton's 10 Rules
Building a Successful Business




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Sam Walton, the Founder of Walmart, credited the rapid growth of Walmart to his associates.

Sam Walton shared his vision for the company with associates in a way that was nearly unheard of in the industry. He made them partners in the success of the company.



Sam Walton's rules for buiding a great business

The two most important words I ever wrote were on that first Wal-Mart sign: "Satisfaction Guaranteed."

Sam Walton




Rule 1. Commit to your business

Believe in it more than anybody else.


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I think I overcame every single one of my personal shortcomings by the sheer passion I brought to my work. I don't know if you're born with this kind of passion, or if you can learn it. But I do know you need it. If you love your work, you'll be out there every day trying to do it the best you possibly can, and pretty soon everybody around will catch the passion from you like a fever.



Sam Walton's rules for buiding a great business

Set a goal and back it with a burning desire.

Sam Walton




Rule 2. Share your profits with all your associates, and treat them as partners

In turn, they will treat you as a partner, and together you will all perform beyond your wildest expectations. Remain a corporation and retain control if you like, but behave as a servant leader in your partnership. Encourage your associates to hold a stake in the company. Offer discounted stock, and grant them stock for their retirement. It's the single best thing we ever did.


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Sam Walton's rules for buiding a great business

Boost the self-esteem of your personnel. If people believe in themselves, its amazing what they can accomplish.

Sam Walton



Rule 3. Motivate your partners

Money and ownership alone aren't enough.


Synergistic Motivation




Constantly, day by day, think of new and more interesting ways to motivate and challenge your partners. Set high goals, encourage competition, and then keep score. Make bets with outrageous payoffs. If things get stale, cross-pollinate; have managers switch jobs with one another to stay challenged. Keep everybody guessing as to what your next trick is going to be. Don't become too predictable.

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Rule 4. Communicate everything you possibly can to your partners


Managerial Communication




The more they know, the more they'll understand. The more they understand, the more they'll care. Once they care, there's no stopping them. If you don't trust your associates to know what's going on, they'll know you really don't consider them partners. Information is power, and the gain you get from empowering your associates more than offsets the risk of informing your competitors.





Rule 5. Appreciate everything your associates do for the business


The Power of Recognition




A paycheck and a stock option will buy one kind of loyalty. But all of us like to be told how much somebody appreciates what we do for them. We like to hear it often, and especially when we have done something we're really proud of. Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise. They're absolutely free and worth a fortune.

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"Sam Walton credited the rapid growth of Walmart not just to the low costs that attracted his customers, but also to his associates. He relied on them to give customers the great shopping experience that would keep them coming back. Sam Walton firmly believed that this partnership was what made Walmart great."

~ Walmart: Our History



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Sam Walton's rules for buiding a great business

Swim upstream. Go the other way. Ignore the conventional wisdom.

Sam Walton