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Cleaner Production Design for Environment (DfE) Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) New Product Development New Product Design Cleaner Production


 "Only when I saw the Earth from space, in all its ineffable beauty and fragility, did I realize that humankind's most urgent task is to cherish and preserve it for future generations."
~ Sigmund Jahn


3Bs of Strategic Creativity


New Corporate Approaches to Environmental Issues

According to Philip Sadler

Old Approach

New Approach

Seeing only costs and difficulties in the concept of environmental management development

Seeing savings and

Seeing environmental management as integral to business development... More

Benefits of Eco-Effectiveness

Companies invest In cleaner processes, systems, production technologies and design methods because they:


  Radical Improvement: Kore 10 Tips



10 Cleaner Production Strategies

  • Eliminate residue streams that contain substances under phase-out regulatory restrictions... More

Design for Waste Minimization

  • Strategies for Product Waste Minimization include: Source reduction; Extending the product life; Product re-use; Product remanufacture; Materials recycling... More

Opportunities Presented by e-Business

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1.   Design + Environment, by Helen Lewis and John Gertsakis

2.   Building Tomorrow's Company, Philip Sadler

International Trends

International trends are demonstrating that concepts and tools such as cleaner production, life-cycle assessment (LCA), design for environment (DfE) and extended producer responsibility (EPR) are rapidly becoming key tools for forward-thinking corporations. Furthermore, a growing body of evidence suggests that such approaches are exceptionally well placed to deliver a range of benefits over and above environmental benefits and mere compliance. These 'new millennium' tools will revolutionize how business creates new products and services and how consumers and government will compare, assess, regulate and purchase every-day goods.

Lean Enterprise: KoRe 10 Tips Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Staying Competitive

Environmental issues are increasingly reflected in business decisions. No business that strives to remain competitive, open to new markets and new opportunities can afford to ignore the global demands for environmental quality. The corporate world looks now at cleaner production (CP) - the concept of preventing waste generation at source - as an opportunity for improvement and long-term sustainable growth. Adopting CP can greatly reduce pollution control costs, and, at the same, time, increase profit and efficiency.1

Continuous Improvement Mindset    

5 Principles of Kaizen



Environmental Regulations – a New Stimulus for Innovation

Internationally, governments and industry are paying more attention to the relationship between regulations and innovation. Regulations and policies to increase environmental protection appear to have become a new stimulus for innovation and to have led companies to identify new business opportunities.

How To Discover Opportunities

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

One of the most influential areas of government environmental policy has been the development and gradual implementation of extended producer responsibility (EPR). The objective of EPR is to promote the conservation of resources, reduce the use and generation of toxic and hazardous materials and energy, and reduce the quantity of wastes for final disposal... More

Green Procurement

Many multinational companies have launched comprehensive and innovative environmental programs on their own, not just for themselves but for their suppliers as well, most of whom are SMEs. This initiative, known as "Green Procurement" or "Greening the Supply Chain", means that the large corporations are using their purchasing power to ensure that their suppliers, which could be anywhere in the world, meet certain environmental requirements. Assistance may be extended to them where necessary as many SMEs lack the technical expertise to meet the new requirements.

Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)

LCA is a technique for assessing the environmental impacts associated with a product or service. The internationally agreed standard for LCA has been developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), and this is documented in four environmental management system standards (the ISO 14000 series)... More

Cleaner Production Strategy

Cleaner production (CP) is a business strategy for enhancing productivity and environmental performance for overall socio-economic development. CP processes are those that produce less waste, whether in terms of liquid wastes discharged to waterways, solid wastes going to landfill or gaseous wastes discharged to the air. Many companies have achieved environmental and economic benefits by implementing cleaner production programs... More

Design for Environment (DfE)

Design for Environment (DfE), also known as eco-design, recognizes that environmental impacts must be considered during the new product design process, along with all of the usual design criteria. It is defined as systemic consideration of design performance with respect to environmental, health, and safety objectives over the full product life cycle... More

Case Studies Ford Motor Company

The Ford 2003-2004 Corporate Citizenship Report stresses that the company sees no conflict between business goals and social and environmental needs. According to Bill Ford, Chairman and CEO of the company, the distinction between a good company and a great one is that a good company delivers excellent products and services, while a great company delivers excellent products and services and strives to improve the world... More



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