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Venture is a new activity, usually in business, that involves high risk and uncertainty.

Venturing means a business enterprise in which something is risked in the hope of high return on investment.




Venturepreneurial Firm vs. Small Business

Small businesses usually deal with known and established products and services, while entrepreneurial ventures focus on new, innovative offerings. Because of this, small business owners tend to deal with known risks and venturepreneurs face unknown risks.

Venture capital is a primary source of financing of venturepreneurial startups.


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High Risk, High Return

High-growth ventures promise high return on investment, but are also characterized by high risk.

The there main sources of risk for high-growth-high-return ventures are:

1. Fuzzy front end

2. High resistance

3. Fierce counterattacks

Entrepreneurial simulation games, such as INNOBALL, help increase returns and reduce risks.



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