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Five Key Risks

critical to the survival of new companies










①  Development Risk:

Can the product or service actually be created?


9 Maxims of Venturing




②  Manufacturing Risk:

If the product can be developed, can it actually be produced in appropriate volume?


New Product Design

Why New Products Fail




③  Marketing Risk:

If the product can be made, can it be sold effectively?


Create Customers

Sell Benefits





④  Financial Risk:

If the product can be sold effectively, will the resulting company be profitable and can the profits actually be realized in a form that allows investors to receive cash?


High-Growth Startup: 10 Keys to Success

10 Rules





⑤  Growth Risk:

the company can achieve operating profitability at one level, can profitability be maintain as the company evolves?


Growth Focus

Milestone Chart

3 Keys to Success





The Best Way To Address These Challenges






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  How to reduce risks faced by a startup: InnoBall simulation game




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Healthbiotics startup success story

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10 Commandments of Innovation

8 Key Entrepreneurial Questions

Venture Marketer

Deal-Killer Entrepreneurial Personality


7 Characteristics of a Successful Startup

SWOT Analysis for Startups  ▪  The First Steps