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Articulate the strategic intent and the next stretch goal.

Build cross-functional teams, empower them, and let people in different product groups and disciplines invent the future and contribute their best to achievement of the stretch goal and the strategic intent.









Silicon Valley firms make cross-functional involvement the path of least resistance.

Harley-Davidson uses cross-functional teams to design new products.

Quantum established cross-functional innovation teams to increase innovation speed.

Corning involves cross-functional innovation teams at every stage of the innovation process.




Beware of Underempowerment

Losing organizations fail because of their functional mindset. They lack of cross-functional goals and cross-functional collaboration spirit. Their cross-functional teams are powerless, if any. New products fail because cross-functional innovation teams are weak or insufficiently empowered.

Some Ways To Empower Cross-functional Teams

→ Build a cross-functional management team and exercise cross-functional management;

→ Empower a cross-functional focus team to improve or reinvent your business design and business model;

→ Empower a cross-functional innovation team to discover synergies between functions;

→ Establish a cross-functional new-product team and make it clear that the team is expected to undertake experimentation and risk taking, rather than incremental improvement of current products and processes;

→ See problem solving as a cross-functional systemic and collaborative approach;

→ Run all-win innovation contests where cross-functional teams compete constructively.



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Innompic Games

At INNOMPIC GAMES, the Art of Innovation is approached in a holistic A-to-Z/360 way. Innoteams are thus must be cross-functional to perform wonderfully.