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According to James F. Lincoln, the most potent ‒ when properly offered ‒ incentives are: 

  1. Money in proportion to production: if each person is properly rated and paid, there will not only be a fair reward to each worker but friendly and exciting competition

  2. Status as a reward for achievement: many incentives are far more effective than money; status is often a much greater incentive.

  3. Publicity of the worker's contributions and skill

Motivate Through Communicating Your Strategic Focus

Provide strategic direction. Attitude motivation depends on having clear objectives. Since motivation is personal, aim to align staff's individual drives with the company's purposes in general and your unit's in particular. 



Use Strategic Intent to Motivate Idea Generation

Strategic intent is senior management's primary motivational tool for radical idea generation. Senior management uses strategic intent to communicate a misfit between current resources and corporate aspirations and motivate idea generation when it actively encourages the quest for new opportunities... More

Use Involvement to Motivate

Involvement in an organization is no longer a one-way street. Employee empowerment and cross-level work groups can contribute a lot to corporate decision-making and planning. Practice participatory management seek employee's opinions and actions whenever possible and keep an open mind to the suggestions and criticism they offer. Give due recognition to achievers - "there is nothing so unequal as the equal treatment of unequals."

Share Motivation

The good motivator motivates people to motivate themselves. Rather than relying on your powers to provide a spur, use the powers within people.

To find out if those who work with you, both as individuals and as a group, share your motivation, ask yourself:

  • Do they identify themselves with the organization and their own group?

  • Do they identify themselves with its products and/or services?

  • Do they accept individual and group responsibility for the quality and performance of their work?



Case Studies Monsanto

Monsanto was was undergoing a transformation to become a new company.

Why Change Fails: 8 Common Errors

One of the areas of focus during this transition period was on communicating and building the desired corporate culture and motivated behaviors through traditional means like videos and newsletters as well as day-to-day conversations... More