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10 Positive Affirmations

for Achievement

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Grow as a great achiever by engaging your subconscious determination to succeed




Positive Affirmations for Achievement  

I'm inspired and
I love what I do.

I make things happen and
I make a difference.

I am consistent and persistent in achieving my stretch goals.




Everything I do turns into success.


Success Secrets




I don't accept anything but the best.


Be the Best Possible




I turn every experience into an opportunity.


SWOT Questions




I take action when something is important to me.


How To Take Action




I choose to look at something in a new way or do something different whenever I feel stuck.


Why? What If? Questions




My willingness to serve others moves me into unlimited achievement.


Help Others to Help Yourself




I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do.


Happiness 360




Vadim Kotelnikov

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Inventor Business e-Coach

Author Innoball

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Why Do Affirmations Work?

Can something so simple be effective?

Yes, it can. Positive affirmations work if you practice it consistently. Our mind cannot differentiate between what is real or not. When you are practicing self affirmations with intensity and repetition you are continually verbalizing and visualizing what you desire. Your mind treats it as reality and finds a way to make it happen. Practice achievement affirmations at least twice a day, upon waking up, and before going to sleep, and enjoy the results!

Using Positive Affirmative Questions

Kevin Hogan advises to utilize more questions instead of positive statements. Why? The difference between statements and questions is profound. The brain solves and feels compelled to solve questions. “By using Positive Affirmative Questions (PAQ), you are setting in motion the mechanism for your brain to find and focus on the solution and enter into a reprogramming cycle to seek and believe things which are positive and useful to you,” says Kevin.

Ask “Why do I feel good about myself?" instead of saying "I feel good about myself." Ask "What can I change about myself so I like myself more?" instead of saying "I like myself just the way I am.




Ask "What can I do to make myself more successful?" instead of saying "I am successful just the way I am.“







“The PAQ.s are much more powerful,” continues Hogan. “When you ask yourself, "How can I feel good about myself?", you're not trying to convince yourself of something you know is not true. Instead, you're asking your mind to look for the positive and the useful, and this will quickly change your focus and is the quickest route to change your feeling from bad to good.”

  How To Be Different and Better



You Are What You Think

"If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought,” ~said Peace Pilgrim.

Most of us grow up learning to put ourselves down for any real or imagined error and comparing ourselves negatively to others. Use positive affirmations to change that negative self-talk into a positive one.


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Amazing results will start to happen if you keep repeating these affirmations for a few days, with honesty, trust, and belief.