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Modern Approach to
Change Management

Systems thinking and systemic change are essential to support individual and organizational development. The value of systems thinking for business is growing rapidly in today's era of growing complexity and systemic innovation.

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The success of a change effort, an innovation project or an organizational transformation is influenced by a magnitude of factors. In each case, it is possible to identify some of these factors, but there are many other hidden or subordinate and partially not identifiable variables, which influence each other.

Cultural change is especially difficult to initiate, implement and sustain because it has more enemies.


6Ws of Change Management

Balanced Wheel of Change

Transformational Change

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Keep in mind that most change efforts fail. You must prepare to win if you want to succeed.

A simulation game, such as InnoBall, can help you reduce risks and succeed.




According to Holger Nauheimer, "All processes of a system (like an organization, group, project, society, etc.) are principally dynamic and can only be influenced in a systemic context. It is not possible to foresee all effects and relations between the factors."


Systems Approach to Management

Barriers To Systems Thinking




"For example, 12 variables result in 66 linear and 220 triangular relations. To elaborate a planning base that facilitates sustainable growth the most important factors must be identified and arranged in a context that considers systemic effects. In such a complex environment, linear planning tools loose their effectiveness."

You must master systems thinking to be able to manage change successfully.