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Enemies of Change

Know why change efforts fail and prepare to win



Prepare To Win: Know the Enemies of Your Disruptive Project



Any big change has many internal and external enemies. Look at the flop potential of your change plan.

Why could it fail? What are the barriers to success and their root causes?

Take a very pessimistic point of view, define the risk areas of your implementation plan, and imagine the worst to get prepared for challenges.

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Resistance To Change

Stakeholders resists change because their dissatisfaction with the status quo is too low, while the vision of the desired future doesnít inspire them enough.

There is no critical mass of committed supporters because the guiding coalition of change leaders is too weak or the incentives are too small.


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Change Plan

The change plan is too shortsighted, it doesnít go beyond a Plan B or Plan C.

The change plan is not flexible enough to pursue high-value opportunities that are sure to emerge during its implementation


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The team is not persistent enough because it lacks inspiration and energy.

The team underperforms because it lacks expertise or empowerment.


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Initial enthusiasm of stakeholders fades because of poor management of expectations, progress communication, and non-celebration of small victories.

The results of the change efforts vanish pretty soon because they havenít been anchored properly.


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