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Motivate Employees to Embrace Change

Successful change efforts are those where the strategies and actions both are internally consistent and fit key external and situational variables.

You have to find effective ways to nurture creative dissatisfaction with the status quo, create a questioning culture, introduce change, promote new ways of doing things, and facilitate behavioral change so that people can accept and grow with it.  >>>

A Balancing Act

Change Management: Yin-Yang Strategies

If you wish to manage change effectively, you need to understand that the way people behave is a balancing act they balance the forces that act upon them. Some of these forces are trying to get people to change their behavior and others are trying to restrain or limit that change.

Look at your own experience: at times you've fought against change and there have been circumstances where you've accepted it willingly and with enthusiasm.

"When you've accepted change it was usually because you believed that what was to come was more attractive and interesting than what you had. This gives you a clue to how you can manage change successfully," says Phil Baguley, the author of Performance Management.

Balanced Organization: 5 Basic Elements

Create and Implement Change

Dissatisfaction with the status quo  helps you make the first step.

A simulation game, such as Innoball, helps you achieve beyond your aspirations.

Creative Dissatisfaction helps you keep going innovatively and relentlessly... More