The Innovation System model synthesizes and defines the core elements of innovation, their behavior and interaction.

The power of this good model makes it easier to understand complex issues and dynamics of innovation, separate its elements and examine them is greater depth.

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Understanding the Innovation System Unlocking the Black Box

An innovation system establishes a framework that helps you to demystify the innovation process and its driving forces, to reveal the unique innovation practices of market champions and understand what makes them so successful and unique.




The Six Core Elements of the Innovation System


Leadership & Management provides inspiration, makes key choices, and organizes the development process.

Strategic Alignment links innovation strategy with corporate vision,  goals, strategy, and objectives.

Innovation Process defines who does what, when it should occur, and how to do it.

Organization & People channel resources, define norms, provide infrastructure, drive innovation.

Metrics provide the guidance and control system for innovation.

Corporate Culture determines how the above elements behave and interact with each other.





Strategic Alignment

In the Silicon Valley, strategic alignment results as much from tacit understandings as explicit ones. "And Valley leaders know that you'll never achieve perfect alignment without squelching creativity and experimentation. Organizational norms and entrepreneurial experience continuously reinforce the opportunism from which new discoveries and alignment can spring," says Christopher Meyer, the author of Relentless Growth... More




Steve Jobs advice quotes

To turn really interesting ideas and fledgling technologies into a company that can continue to innovate for years, it requires a lot of disciplines.

Steve Jobs