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Holistic Approach to Corporate Innovation Success


1. Innovation as a Key to Success

What Is Innovation?

The Tree of Business

Why Innovation?

New Innovation-driven Economy

Revolution in Innovation: 3 Stages

Balanced Business System

Sustainable Innovation the Key to Survival and Success

Hard vs. Soft Innovation

Lessons from Jack Welch: Constantly Focus of Innovation

Radical vs. Incremental Innovation

Innovation: The Key Players

Business Model: 6 Components

Top 10 Forces Behind New Business Models

Business Case: Innovative Business Model of

Competitive Strategies

10 Commandments of Innovation

2. Innovation Strategies

Creating Sustainable Profit Growth: 9 Questions to Answer

Business BLISS

Strategic Intent

Lessons from Jack Welch: Stretch!

Shift from Linear to Systemic Innovation

Systemic Approach to Innovation: 7 Interwoven Areas

The Scientific Method as a Model for Discovery

Strategy Innovation: 4 Steps

Business Innovation and Growth Strategies

Lessons from Jack Welch: See Change as an Opportunity

Best Practices: Characteristics of the Most Successful Companies

Technology Innovation: 4 Types

Product Innovation: New Product Types

Innovation Strategy: Road-mapping

Venture Strategies: Internal and External Ventures

Venture Management vs. Corporate Management

5 Critical Success Factors for New Ventures

Success Story: In-company Ventures by Corning

Specific Skills of Radical Project Managers

Success Story: Corporate Venture Investing by GE Equity

Best Practices: GE Equity Critical Success Factors

Process Innovation: Shift to Cross-functional Paradigm

The Tao of Business Process Innovation

The Tao of Value Innovation

Customer-driven Innovation: 7 Practice Tips

Mutual Creativity in Business Partnerships

Customer Partnership: Involving Customers as Co-innovators

Strategic Achievement

3. Innovative Organization

Top 6 Barriers To Innovation Success

How To Prevent Innovation: 10 Humorous Tips

Innovation-friendly Organization: 6 Components

Lessons from Procter & Gamble: Making Innovation the Norm

Creating a Culture for Innovation

Best Practices: Google's Nine Notions of Innovation

Inspiring People

Creating a Culture of Questioning: 5 Strategies

Creative Chaos Environment

The Fun Factor

Best Practices: Hackathon at JotSpot

Lessons from Jack Welch: Get Good Ideas from Anywhere

Harnessing the Power of Diversity

The Tao of Leveraging Diversity

Creating Cross-functional Teams

The Tao of Intellectual Cross-pollination

Facilitating Cross-pollination of Ideas

Fast Company

Success Story: Charles Schwab

Best Practices: Charles Schwab's Corporate Guiding Principles

Launching a Crusade

Lessons from Jack Welch: Get Rid of Bureaucracy

Building a Coaching Culture

Owning Your Competitive Advantage

Lessons from Jack Welch: Create a Learning Culture

The Wheel of Knowledge Management

Best Practices: 4 Strategies for Raising Corporate IQ at Microsoft

Engaging Cross-functional Innovation Teams

Best Practices: Cross-functional Innovation Teams at Quantum

Managing Knowledge Workers

Best Practices: Google's 10 Golden Rules

Capturing and Shaping Ideas

The Tao of Effective Brainstorming

Perfect Brainstorming: 10 Rules

Best Practices: Utilizing Intellectual Property by Technology Businesses

Intellectual Property Management

4. Innovation Processes

Managing Innovation vs. Managing Operations

Best Practices: Attributes of Effective Innovation in Silicon Valley

Innovation Process: Traditional Phase-Gate Model

Innovation Process: Flexible Model

Business Synergies Approach to Innovation Project Management

The Jazz of Innovation

The Jazz of Innovation: 11 Practice Tips

Radical Innovation: Key Uncertainties

Fuzzy Front End

Specific Skills of Radical Project Managers

Keys to Successful Market Learning

Radical Innovation: A Different Role of Prototyping

Turning Failures Into Opportunities

New Product Development by Cross-functional Teams

Leading Systemic Innovation

Lessons from IDEO: New Product Design

Lessons from Silicon Valley Companies: Measuring Innovation

Measuring Innovation: New Product Metrics

5. Innovative People

Great Innovator: 8 Winning Habits and Guiding Principles

Innovation Is Love

Innovation Drivers in Industrial and Knowledge Enterprises

Innovation Leader: Cross-functional Excellence

Creating a Relentless Growth Attitude

Entrepreneurial Leader: 10 Key Action Roles

Building a Team Culture

A Dream Team: 7 Characteristics

Team Assessment

Creative Leadership

Entrepreneurial Creativity: Action Areas

Developing Entrepreneurial Creativity

6 Barriers To Creative Thinking

Creativity: 3 Intertwined Pillars

Asking Searching Questions

Disney Creativity Strategy

Accidental Discoveries

Inventing New Products: Selected TRIZ Principles

Do's and Don'ts of a Successful Innovator

Entrepreneurial Creativity: 4 Intertwined Pillars

The Tao of Entrepreneurial Creativity

Build Success from Failures

Problem Solving Strategies: 4 Levels

Creative Problem Solving (CPS): Reframing

Turn Problems Into Opportunities

Tips for Making the Vision a Reality

Sample Smart & Fast Lessons


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Innovation Management: 7 Areas of Systemic Innovation


New Systemic Approach to Innovation

Until recently innovation has been seen principally as the means to turn research results into commercially successful products, but not all research leads to innovation and not all innovation is research-based. Certainly research is a major contributor to innovation, generating a flow of technical ideas and continually renewing the pool of technical skills.  It should be a vital ingredient in your enterprise strategy, particularly over long term, if you are to maintain a stream of competitive products on the market.

Important though research is as the source of invention, innovation encompasses more than the successful application of research results. Innovation can also stem from adopting new technologies or processes from other fields, or from new ways of doing business, or from new ways of marketing products and services. The evolution of the innovation concept from the linear model having R&D as the starting point to the systemic model in which innovation arises from complex interactions between individuals, organizations and their operating environments demonstrates that your innovation policies and practices must extend their focus beyond the link with research.

Hard vs. Soft Innovation

  • Hard Innovation is organized R&D characterized by strategic investment in innovation, be it high-risk-high-return radical innovation or low-risk-low-return incremental innovation.

  • Soft Innovation is the clever, insightful, useful ideas that just anyone in the organization can think up.

Case in Point: Lessons from Jack Welch

At General Electric (GE), the sum is greater than its parts as both business and people diversity is utilized synergistically in a most effective way. "Practice systems thinking and holistic approaches," advised Jack Welch. Seek to improve and optimize the totality of your business rather than the profits of its components. "Everything about this enterprise is doing more with less. It needs rejuvenation all the time. Quality is the next in the learning process. Getting rid of layer. Getting rid of fat. Involving everyone. All that was to get more ideas. The whole thing here is to create a learning organization."


10 Commandments of Innovation Inspational Dream Quotes Inspirational Leader: 10 Roles Customer-driven Innovation Be Different Challenging Assumptions Synergistic Innovation The Jazz of Innovation: 11 Practice Tips Experimentation Leading Change BE MAD - Be Entrepreneurial, Make A Differnce Vadim Kotelnikov e-Coach Emfogaphics 10 Commandments of Innovation


Have a Dream

Create an inspiring vision
Focus on your core competences and competitive advantage
Develop a vision-focused innovation strategy

Inspire Your Team

Communicate your strategic intent and launch a crusade
Create an inspiring culture, make business fun
Inspire, empower and energize people

Focus on Customers

Strive to → create innovative value for your → customer
Practice customer-driven innovation
Involve customers in your new product development process

Be Different

Surprise to win, think outside the box
Strive to change the name of the game introduce radical innovations >>>
Differentiate yourself and your product

Question Everything

Challenge assumptions, ask "Why?" and "What If?" questions constantly
Ask a lot of searching questions, create a culture of questioning
Question and reassess past decisions


Build your cross-functional expertise and systems thinking skills
Build and lead a cross-functional team
Cross-pollinate ideas, leverage diversity, create synergies

Establish the Process

Provide strategic alignment and → guiding principles
Design a business model; establish rules, structure, and a measuring system
Encourage jazz-like improvisation within a guiding structure

Take Risk

Take → entrepreneurial → action nothing venture, nothing win
Experiment, learn from market feedback
Learn from failures to start again smarter

Lead Change

Create a mindset of creative dissatisfaction to reduce resistance to change
Lead by example, demonstrate entrepreneurial leadership attributes
Adapt to rapid internal and external change, create positive change

Be Entrepreneurial

Develop and practice entrepreneurial creativity daily, learn continually
→ Look for opportunities everywhere and pursue them with speed
Be persistent, overcome obstacles, → solve problems creatively



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