Harley-Davidson designs, manufactures, and markets heavy-weight motorcycles, motorcycle parts and accessories, and motorcycle collectibles and riding apparel. Management at Harley-Davidson has been recognized worldwide for its successful use of progressive, cutting-edge management techniques. One specific area in which Harley-Davidson's management has received acclaim is its use of cross-functional teams to design new products.




For years the motorcycle maker has been consistently moving toward more emphasis on using cross-functional teams for new product development. To some extent, cross-functional advice has always been considered within the new product design process at Harley-Davidson. Representatives from engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, and marketing have always had some influence on the future direction of new products.




Management of the company has underscored its commitment to cross-functional teams for designing new products by opening a new Product Development Center (PDC). The PDC accelerated this move by locating design engineers, purchasers, manufacturing personnel, and other crucial players in a single building.




These team members work together daily and are totally dedicated to the new product development process on a full-time basis.


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