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Shared Values

Team members are looking for a "values fit" with their team. Without it, they won't give the team their best. Team members should participate in establishing shared values and values-based common goals if you wish them to live these values, be committed to these goals, and have a feeling of interdependence and ownership for their jobs and unit. Shared values become also your team's code of behavior as they define what is and isn't acceptable... More





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Great groups are more optimistic than realistic. They believe they can do what no one else has done before.

Tom Kelley









Learn from Sports Teams

According to Nick Thornely and Dan Lees, authors of Winners Win and Losers Lose, winning sports teams:

  • have a great many winners in them; most of the players poised and confident, and although they may well be 'stars' in their own right they allow others to shine in order to hold a 'star team' together  >>>

  • often include winning groups and combinations which work together so well they seem to have a six sense, whereas in fact they have merely learned to cooperate to make each other winners and to make a team a winning team

  • have the winning habit and because they usually have more winning games behind them than otherwise they go into every game expecting to win

  • develop a synergy that comes from winning and which increases not by simple progression but exponentially: 11=11  >>>

  • develop both mental and physical energy to withstand adversity

  • create a winning atmosphere everyone surrounding them emerges as a winner

  • make winning contagious so that new comers soon acquire the team's magic


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