Be a proactive market innovator, develop new market segments and create new market niches to build a high-growth business.

Play strategic simulation games, such as INNOBALL INNOBALL and Innovation Chess, to strengthen your business case, business strategies, business model and innovation teams.

Top management supports product innovation and new product development consistently and effectively.




Customer Focus

Love what you do and love your customers, practice customer-focused innovation. Do conduct customer need identification research, but focus on creating new or higher desires. Solicit customer input prior to product idea generation.

Empathize with and observe prospective customers to discover their hidden wants.

Involve customers as partners and co-innovators in the process of new product development.




Innovation Process

Establish a jazz-like innovation process ‒ provide a guiding structure and encourage improvisation.

Establish weighted guiding principles (WGP) and encourage noble risk-taking, treat noble failures as stepping stones to success.

Practice loose-tight leadership style; use effective inventive thinking and fast idea assessment techniques.

Start small, build prototypes, beta test your new product, learn from market feedback and adapt.





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