Efficient Effectiveness & Effective Efficiency





Effectiveness and Efficiency

A summary of Peter Drucker's book The Effective Executive




Peter Drucker management quotes

Effectiveness is doing right things,

Efficiency is doing things right.




Effectiveness is about focusing on a desired future state and what a person or an organization can do most impactfully rather than faster or cheaper.

Effectiveness entails a set of practices you can learn. It is essential to learn effectiveness because without it, your talent and intelligence won’t get you anywhere. You need effectiveness to magnify and translate them into results.



Peter Drucker management quotes

Rather than hiring for talent, charisma, or a broad set of skills, organizations would be better off if they prioritized effectiveness.




Effective Employees

Individual effectiveness is necessary for organizational effectiveness as well. Peter Drucker argues that rather than hiring for talent, charisma, or a broad set of skills, organizations would be better off if they prioritized effectiveness.


How To Increase Your Individual Performance

How To Select a New Corporate Leader



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Hiring for and developing individual effectiveness strengthens organizations by increasing their innovativeness performance and results.

In turn, successful organizations –businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, and government  – enhance their value-chain innovation and provide products and services more valuable to society.




Drucker’s Five Practices for Effectiveness





Manage your time

Know exactly how you’re using your time. Work diligently to manage the limited amount of your time you can control.


Time Management

Slice and Dice






Concentrate on a few high-impact tasks—areas where you can produce excellent results—one at a time. Set priorities and stick with them, ignoring distractions.


80/20 Principle

Top 10 Uses

80/20 Analysis




Make your unique contribution

Focus on what you personally can do to significantly impact company performance and results. Ask yourself what results you need to produce rather than what tasks you need to do.


Results-based Management

Performance Management





Maximize strengths

Build on your strengths and those of the people around you, including your boss, to enhance their contributions and thus, the organization’s performance.


Personal Strengths 10-3-1

Ask Learning SWOT Questions




Make sound decisions

Focus on making only a few key decisions following a systematic process. Don’t strive for consensus but make a judgment after exploring a full spectrum of opinions, especially dissenting opinions.


Fast Decision Maker

Techniques for Quick Decision Making

Six Thinking Hats



Peter Drucker management quotes

Follow an effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.