Peter Drucker advice

Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.




According to Peter Drucker, every effective business should focus on opportunities rather than problems.

The only place where meaningful management results can be won is the outside world. Management for Results is an expansion of Management by Objectives (MBO) Into the marketplace. It is the theory and practice of how to produce results on the outside, in the market and economy. To achieve these results, you should develop a solid, sound, customer-focused, and entrepreneurial strategy, aimed at market leadership, based on innovation, and tightly focused on decisive opportunities.

To achieve economic results, concentrate. Economic results do not go to minor players in a given market but to market leaders. Most importantly, every successful business requires a goal and spirit all its own.

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Peter Drucker advice

One quality cannot be learned, one qualification that the manager cannot acquire but must bring with him. It's not genius, it's character.