How To Get Your e-Mails Opened and Acted Upon




Build a responsive opt-in email list and write high-converting emails. Approach your subject line, body copy and landing page both skillfully and creatively to increase e-mail open rates, e-mail click rates and landing page conversion rates.


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Increase e-Mail Open Rates

To create attractive subject lines, use the MFB formula.  The headline's job is to get your e-mails opened. The three main motivators are, in order of their importance, (1) Hope, (2) Fear, and (3) Curiosity.

Benefit-driven subject lines deliver usually higher conversion rates, but the best way to achieve great results is to experiment  with various approaches. Mix various motivators up and watch your email metrics.


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Increase Click Rates

The main purpose of the body copy is to get the link to the landing page clicked.

Keep the body copy congruent with the subject line and use psychological and emotional catalysts to increase click rates.


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