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As we read this article, it is quite possible that there could be a few dozen startups getting into the market across the world. It is a fact that only a few of them might cross the bridge around two or three years later. Hence, it would be better to learn about those startups which have crossed the bridge and become successful. They certainly must have made use of the best of digital marketing techniques and also must have utilized the various social networks quite effectively. Look at the things that have made these startups successful. These could be case studies for others to have a look at and make use of it wherever applicable.

Good Product And Good Marketing Are Different

Research has shown that startups spend quite a bit of time making some of the best products and services. However, they fail in making it a success in the marketplace. This is because of a flawed marketing strategy and lack of experience and expertise in launching it the proper way. Lack of funds could also be a bottleneck for many startups and this could also hamper their pre-launch planning quite a bit. By the time they are able to put a marketing plan in place, competition would have come out with some plans and would have steam-rolled them over.

Hence having the right online marketing plan including email marketing and other forms of campaigns is extremely important, to say the least. It is a good marketing strategy.






If you are a startup company then here is a few things which you must keep in mind which we are sure could go a long way in increasing your user base as far as products, services and website traffic are concerned.

When Should One Focus on Marketing

This is a common question which often comes to the mind of startup entrepreneurs. The answer to this is quite simple. They should start doing it from day one. Many people are of the opinion that marketing is about spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. This is not actually the case. You can start with a shoestring marketing budget.

There are many who offer a free trial of their products and services and this does not cost too much money. The startups could also come out with referral programs using both online and brick and mortar methods. This could work very well and it does require spending big money. While engaging in cost-effective means and modes of advertising is important, you must try and stay away from the crowd. Your promotions must be unique and should catch the attention of the market and your competitors must be uneasy and concerned about it.

Hence, you should try and devise marketing plans that are much more than writing a piece of content or uploading a few blog posts.




You must put yourself in the customerís shoes and find out as to what he stands to gain when he buys your products and services. Also should be able to know what he will lose should he decide not to try your product or service.


The Importance of Content Marketing

Content plays a very important and significant role for any organization. All successful growth hacking platforms spend quite a bit of time in mastering contents and headlines. As a business with a website of your own, there are a few things that you must not miss out on.

The content which you plan to have on the landing pages should be top-notch and there cannot be any compromise on this because quality contents bring many benefits to your business.

Content Helps To Build Brand Appeal

Valuable content attracts readers and gets the brand positioned in the mind of the online audience. Inspiring content is ageless and thus contributes to strategic brand management.

Content Can Influence Other Online Strategies

If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of sending a message to your mailing list then you must ensure that it is well supported by quality content. This could help you to collect leads, and also help to build your social media and search engine optimization strategy quite effectively. Therefore your online presence and success, as a startup entity, is decided by the quality of content and how effectively you make use of it. Content coupled with intelligent digital marketing is what experienced growth hackers always recommend.








The Importance of Professional Help

To sum it up, while startup needs to invest in hacks for growth, they also must not hesitate in taking professional help as and when needed. There are service providers who could help quite a bit in writing quality content. This is because of their rich experience and also their ability to understand the specific needs of startup organizations.

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