Why Disruption Strategy

A proactive disruption strategy can put your firm ahead of your competitors in years to come.

Disruption, in particular, digital disruption, is an inevitable force that every industry leader needs to embrace. Ask yourself which side of the disruption paradigm you want to be on: to be a disruptor or a disrupted one.




Strategic Management

Adopt a disruption mindset and launch a crusade.





Design of a Disruption Strategy

A disruption strategy is unlikely survive encounters with diverse internal and external enemies unless you prepare to win by playing Innoball INNOBALL simulation game not just ones, but with every disruptive strategic initiative.


Innoball INNOBALL games will strengthen your team, help your people anticipate diverse challenges that are sure to emerge during implementation of the disruption strategy and learn how to turn these challenges to opportunities. The overall design of your disruption strategy will grow stronger after every INNOBALL simulation game.

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Implementation of a Disruption Strategy

To ensure the successful implementation of a disruption strategy establish a high love quotient (LQ) culture that empowers a disruption mindset and a disruptive transformation strategy by making people feel loved and trusted. Give people freedom to fail, learn from failures and restart wiser.

Ask learning SWOT questions after every major disruptive action to identify your strengths and weaknesses, threats and high-potential opportunities.

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