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Diverse Routes of Innovation  Case Studies


Source: Communication on Innovation Policy,
European Commission



The novelty that is essential to innovation may arise in several ways:

Invention  Best Trainings for Entepreneurs, Innovators - Innompic Trainings by Vadim Kotelnikov
Exploitation of invention arising out of the research laboratory or individual inventors  >>>

Taking an idea from another business sector and adapting it for use in your own production processes or market.

Value Innovation  Kore 10 Tips
Presenting a radical change that will be perceived by customers as offering more or better value. Resulted from the search for new, untapped market space, value innovation may rely on technological innovation, or on reconfiguring existing products and services. >>>

New Business Models
Introduction of a comprehensively new approach to a business with the objective of creating new market space, or increasing
profitability in an existing market.  >>>




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