“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” ~ Pablo Picasso

Creative destruction is the dismantling of outdated practices in order to make way for innovation.





of creative destruction





Innompic Games are a civilizational breakthrough that created new Games for the new World

Henry Ford's assembly line revolutionized the automobile manufacturing industry.

Apple’s smartphone iPhone revolutionized the mobile phone industry




Amazing Thinker 360

VadiK’s Business e-Coach – the first free online inspirational self-learning university launched in 2001 – revolutionized both the business education and internet-entrepreneurship industries and gave the birth to the content marketing industry.


Innovation University


Achieve Impossible

Disruptive Innopreneur

Disruptive Innovation

Strategic Creativity

INNOBALL INNOBALL simulation game

Achieve Beyond Aspirations


Vadim Kotelnikov

Having learned how to engage my subconscious mind, I started making amazing discoveries and inventing innovative solutions every sleep session.

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