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India love breeds love love your customers and they will love you back



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Happy Business






A.  Love-based Happy Business

B.  Love What You Do

C.  Love-driven Innovation

D.  Passionate Team

E.  Loving Creators

F.  Treating Everything as Opportunities

G.  Inspirational Leadership

H.  Affiliative Leadership

I.   High Love-Quotient (LQ) Management

J.   Creative Management

K.  Help People Grow

L.  Love Your Customers

M.  Value Innovation as “We Love You” Message

N.  Customer Experience Journey as a Love Story

O.  White Marketing

P.  Loving Customer Relationships

Q.  Tree Model of Business Success

R.  Balanced Business System

S.  Stay in Harmony with the Laws of the Universe

T.  Family-like Environment

U.  High LQ Culture

V.  Culture of Belonging

W. Team Culture

X.  Culture of Trust

Y.  Empowering Environment

Z.  Social Innovation and Social Intrapreneurship





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 Happy Business is about Love Passion VadiK

Happy Business is About Love

Love Your Work

People need to be doing what they love and love their work if they are to give their best and help their company flourish. Passion leads to excellence, new discoveries and relentless innovation and improvement.

Love Your Partners

Love both your in-company and outside-company partners. Loving relationships with your work-mates and business partners improve understanding, collaboration, communication, cross-pollination of ideas and mutual creativity. Loving relationships with your partners make your work a source of endless rewards and joy. Relationships of love, trust and support are especially helpful when you need to make big changes in your organization, processes or business model.

Love Your Customers

Love for customers is the springhead of the cascade of innovations and the river of revenues. Loving is about striving to make your loved ones happier. If you make your customers feel happier, they will stay with you, and you both will enjoy this lasting loving relationship.

Love the World

Love is more powerful than responsibility. All-inclusive love is a source of great and lasting happiness. If you love the world, you build a business that cares of and is in harmony with the society and the environment.





Vadim Kotelnikov

Business is a tool to make all involved happier

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