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Family-like environment at the workplace means treating workers like family and nourishing family-like relationships within the company. This leads to better collaboration, more engagement, lesser work-related stress and greater employee satisfaction.

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Family-like environment is the core component of high love-quotient (LQ) culture, high-involvement culture, and culture of trust.

Knowledge sharing, intellectual teamwork, cross-pollination of ideas, joint creative activities, and mutual assistance happen naturally in a family-like environment.




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In an unhappy company, CEOs may say s/he look at the company like a family but does go beyond lip-service. In a happy company, CEOs walk the talk on that, practices affiliative leadership, and ensure everybody feels part of the team.


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Top managers view employees as being part of a "family" within the company. The firm puts immense effort into personnel development.


Colleagues take care of each other, have fun, celebrate success, learn by failure, look for reasons to praise, communicate freely, and respect each other... More





Joint product-design activities, pranks and play make the workplace fun, inspire creativity, and create a family-like environment.


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"It's important that the company be a family, that people feel that they're part of the company, and that the company is like a family to them. When you treat people that way, you get better productivity."

~ Larry Page

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