Social intrapreneurship is a form of social entrepreneurship.

Proactive intrapreneurial employees give their best to the company only if they can make a great positive impact. Giving is highly self-rewarding. It contributes to employee satisfaction and creates a happier workplace.

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The key characteristics of inclusive leaders and social intrapreneurs are passion for creating value for others, empathy, curiosity, humility, creativity, and a devotion to making things better.

Engage employees in prosocial or altruistic behaviors at work to make them feel happier.




Workplace researchers says that people experience a stronger connection and higher sense of purpose at work if they have the chance to connect and get along with others to feel a sense of camaraderie.


Team Culture

Family-like Environment





Corporate Social Innovation (CSI)

Social innovations are social practices that aim to meet social needs, such as working conditions, wellbeing, education, health, or community development, in a better way than the existing solutions.


Innovation is Love

Value Innovation

Customer-driven Innovation




Many companies started shifting their strategic approach from social responsibility (CSR) towards social innovation as it makes greater business sense, facilitates harmonious innovation, and inspires employee engagement and creativity.

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Example: Walmart

Walmart partnered with Care International to provide leadership development and life skills training to more than 60,000 women who work in factories that supply to Walmart.

Beyond the social value, this social innovation helped Walmart to inspire, retain and promote talent within the firm and the factories.






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