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The Wheel of Life:
Eastern vs. Western View

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Cycles of Reincarnation vs. a Single Life

Broadly, speaking, Western society strives to find and prove "the truth", while Eastern society accepts the truth as given and is more interested in finding the balance.



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Buddhists and Hindu believe in cycles of reincarnations,

Western philosophers believe in single life.



Buddha teachings

Better a single day of life seeing the reality of arising and passing away than a hundred years of existence remaining blind to it.



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Begin challenging your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in awhile, or the light won't come in.









The Wheel of Life

In the East, life is a cyclic spiritual journey. In particular, in the Buddhist teaching, the Wheel of Life is a representation of the suffering and impermanence of cyclic existence. Life is a journey towards eternal realities that are beyond the realities that surround us.

In the West, life is a one-time cradle-to-grave journey. In particular, in NLP teachings, the Wheel of Life should be balanced across a number of categories such as achievement, family, work, finance, and fun.


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Human Being

In the East, a human being is an integral part of the universe and the society. People are fundamentally connected. Duty towards all others is a very important matter. Collectivism is stronger.

In the West, A human being has an individualistic nature and is an independent part of the universe and the society. Individualism is stronger.


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Life Values

In the East, the true key to life values is inside. The inner world of a human being and his or her ability to control and develop it is of the highest value. The way to the top is inside yourself, through self-development.

  Living by Aeipathy, Growing and Karma

In the West, the main values are success and achievement. These that can be achieved in many ways, but rarely through developing inner strength. The majority of success and achievement criteria have an external nature (money, faith, popularity, etc.). The way to the top is through active outside intervention.


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Rights, Responsibility, Justice

Westerners put more stock in individual rights; Easterners in social responsibly.

In the East, justice is spiritual practice, in the West cerebral practice.


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