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4 Tips To Successfully Run LinkedIn Ads



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LinkedIn ads are suitable for generating leads, increasing traffic, and raising brand awareness. Nevertheless, you have to get them right.

Several working professionals, employers, and companies are present on LinkedIn because it is a business-oriented social network. Through LinkedIn, you can effortlessly search for jobs or get trained staff. Although businesses can advertise on LinkedIn just like any other social media platform, LinkedIn ads are more formal and professional. Furthermore, you can easily generate leads, increase website traffic and brand awareness.

LinkedIn has various ad features, including sponsored content, text ads, and sponsored InMail, helping you establish market recognition. You can hire a campaign manager at to help handle your ads.

You can get the most out of LinkedIn by making perfect and strategic plans.

This article discusses 4 tips that can make you stand out from your competition with LinkedIn advertising.

1. Smart Planning

When you want to start your marketing, LinkedIn already has a recommended process. This process is trusted because LinkedIn is the developer, and they have a record.

The first step is creating a personal profile on LinkedIn. People are the foundation of a company; therefore, gathering information will make your company’s data complete. Because people always wonder who they have to work with, your workers’ database will help applicants know about their coworkers.

Creating a company profile is the next step. Company pages are public and visible to everyone. Afterward, it would be best to define your audience and business goals, because knowing these simplifies planning and execution.

Next, inserting keywords, getting links to your company page, and sharing relevant content across LinkedIn and other platforms can help with your company profile’s optimization.

You should also add your employees to the company page. Furthermore, adding a follow button to the business profile can help you gain more followers. LinkedIn recommends other smart planning processes, including engaging your audience with visual content and boosting the best content to a broader population. You can also set up ad campaigns for improved brand awareness.

You can track your progress by using analytics. Also, checking lags and making necessary improvisations are essential.





2. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is necessary for reaching relevant professionals in the same niche.

The headline text of your ad should be under 150 characters to catch your audience’s attention. Also, instead of thumbnails, ensure you use larger images (1200×627 pixels) – larger images tend to get more clicks. Furthermore, help your audience understand the necessary reaction by adding a button or writing a call to action.

Targeting can help you reach a more specific audience. It is best to choose a location and two other demographics that your ads will most likely affect when targeting. The best time to create content is after analyzing market trends. Offering key takeaways and essential insights is better than carrying out plain promotions. You can also build up trust by including testimonials and success stories.

You can improve your ad by trying new tools, including lead gen forms, audience expansion, and a LinkedIn audience network. Lead gen forms help you collect essential data about professionals, helping you widen your qualified audience. Audience expansion helps you discover people similar to your target audience, while a LinkedIn audience network helps with engaging your audience outside of LinkedIn.

Testing different versions of your ad will help you see the one that works better. At the end of the week, it is best to halt ads with the least interaction and replace them with a new idea.





3. Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail is a feature that allows you to send personalized messages to active LinkedIn users.

When using this feature, keeping your message under 500 characters is ideal. Furthermore, ensure you are direct and that your message is customized to the receiver. Adding relevant hyperlinks to the message’s body can help you get clicks. You should also use a friendly time and insert standard calls to action like apply, free, try, today, or click to let your recipient know the necessary line of action.

Fortunately, you can know the number of conversions from the Sponsored InMail campaigns using the LinkedIn Insight Tag. The campaign manager is capable of measuring success rate; deciding the threshold for crucial metrics can help you utilize this feature efficiently.

4. Text Ads

You can see text ads on the right-hand side of a LinkedIn desktop feed. The square, horizontal, or long text links are suitable for featuring your textual promotions.

 Ensure you use attention-seeking headlines and add a button or call to action. It would be best to link the buttons to a relevant landing page.

Furthermore, because most LinkedIn users access the feed from their mobile phones, ensure the landing destinations are mobile-friendly.
Adding images with humans yield better results because they get more attention than inanimate objects and logos.


LinkedIn campaigns require planning. Although this article can help with the planning, you have to put the tips into action to get the most with lesser resources. Trying out different ads and seeing the one that works best is essential. Also, it is best to explore your results and improvise.