Venture Financing:


Bootstrapping Options to Minimize the Need for Capital


Important Bootstrapping Techniques to Minimize the Need for Capital:

  • Buy used equipment instead of new

  • Borrow equipment from other businesses for short-term projects

  • Use interest on overdue payments from customers

  • Hire personnel for shorter periods instead of employing permanently

  • Coordinate purchases with other businesses (mutual purchasing of goods)

  • Lease equipment instead of buying

  • Use routines to speed up invoicing

  • Cease business relations with customers who frequently pay late

  • Offer same conditions to all customers (that is, no expense on preferential treatment to some)

  • Buy on consignment from suppliers

  • Obtain trade credit from suppliers

  • Deliberately choose customers who pay quickly

  • Share business premises with others

  • Employ relatives or friends at non-market salaries

  • Run the business completely from your home.

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One of the least used methods to minimize the need for capital is constant sharing of equipment and employees with other local businesses to reduce fixed commitments.


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