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"True progress in any field is a relay race and not a single event." Cavett Roberts

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Your Business is Ruled by the Marketplace

Yes, it's you who decides what business you are in; but the marketplace participates in this decision making process as well. People will only buy what they want to buy, or are afraid not to buy, at a given moment in time. Tailoring your business plan to what the market will buy is always a better, more successful strategy than developing a new product or service without knowing precisely the customers for it and hoping that people would buy it because it's good.

Customer successcustomer value proposition, communicating, advertising, emotional marketing, influencing people, persuading people, etc. – is all about perceptions.  The essence of marketing and selling is coming to grips with people's perceptions.


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Eight Attributes of Corporate Success

By Peters and Waterman

  1. Bias towards action

  2. Simple form, lean staff

  3. Continued contact with customers

  4. Productivity improvement via people  Kaizen Mindset

  5. Operational autonomy to encourage entrepreneurs

  6. Stress on the key business values

  7. Emphasis on doing what they know best ("sticking to the knitting")

  8. Loose-tight controls



New Measures of Business Success

As business and organizational complexity arises, success can be found in a balanced business system which depends on interconnections of its individual elements:

The Key Secret to Success in Business. And failure.

Why do some businesses succeed and some fail under exactly the same circumstances and in exactly the same business?

The difference is their point of view about what a business is, and what one isn’t. The difference is that successful business owners were all entrepereneurs, and that the vast majority of the people who go into business aren’t.


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Find the Balance

Balance is a key element of both a sustainable business and a happy life.

Yin (passive, receptive) and Yang (active, creative) are both opposing forces and complementary pairs. Problems arise not when the two forces are battling, but when there is an imbalance between them in the environment. Conflicts, business problems, health disorders, divorce, and other problems – all can be attributed to disharmony in the forces of Yin and Yang... More

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