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Venture Planning Checklist: Customer Assessment

Customer Opportunities and Market Assessment

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Questions to Answer Before Starting Your Venture

3. Customer Opportunities

Customer Value Creation

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  • What specific evidence do you have that the need really exists?

  • How long will the 'window of opportunity' be open? Based on what information?

  • Are there follow-on opportunities to allow a growing business and multiple products?

  • List all other customer needs and related backup data for your venture.

Customer Success 360

4. Customers

  • Who specifically are your customers and how many of them currently exist?

  • Missionary marketing is not recommended. Creating a solution where no problem exists is a formula for failure!

Selling Is Problem Solving

  • How will you get information to those customers?

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Differentiation Strategies

Buzz Marketing

Empathetic Marketing

Sell Benefits

Focus on Emotional Drivers

  • What are your observations and is there a universal theme or solution?

  • Identify each major customer group and identify four key traits.

  • Describe the market distribution channels you will use and how you can best reach them.

  • Will you have direct contact with your customers?

  • What is your best estimate of total market size versus the number of customers you can reach?

  • How many can you get in the first year? Based on what assumptions?



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