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Perceptions Rule Our Life and Business

How we generate information about the world is perceiving.

Our life and business decision making, communication, negotiation, leadership, teamwork, motivation, value innovation, differentiation, marketing, etc. is all about perceptions.  The essence of leading, managing and selling is coming to grips with people's perceptions.

Idea Evaluation: 4x2 Perceptual Positions

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Perceptual positions can help you gain new understanding through seeing things from different perspectives... More



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Cultural Differences

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The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing: The Law of Perception

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References:  1. "Making Better Business Decisions," Steve W. Williams

Same Reality, Different Perceptions


Most of your judgments result from decisional shortcuts you use to generate solutions that are good enough most of the time. When you perceive a situation that looks familiar to you, doesn't your past experience cause you to see the event in terms of what you expect? Doesn't your limited span of attention lead you to categorize things by aspects that appear similar to what you already know?   

"We are constantly bombarded with so much sensory information that it is impossible for us to pay attention to everything. Our subconscious mind scans our environment and selects what it deems may be important for us to notice. Even then, people not only see things the way they are, they also tend to see what they expect to see, as well as what they want to see."1

Cultural Differences

Understand EGA of Your Audience

4 NLP Perceptual Positions

"Much of human perception is based not on information flowing into the brain from the outside world but what the brain, based on previous experience, expects to happen next, says Sandra Blakeslee.

Case Studies Young Women or Old Woman?

Beauty... Truths... Everything is in the eye of the beholder...

This example is often used by educators when they talk about selective perceptions. Take a look at the Image 1 of a woman. How would you describe her? Is she young or old? Pretty or unattractive? Rich or poor? You must have classified her as young, pretty, and wealthy. Now look at the Image 2. Have you change your mind? Unlikely. You still see a young, pretty, and wealthy woman. And what if I tell you that she is old, unattractive and poor? You won't believe me.

However, people who are initially shown the woman in Image 3 and then are asked to describe the woman in Image 2 almost always say she is old, unattractive, and poor, i.e. they see the opposite of what others see in the very same picture. "When shown either the relatively unambiguous picture of the young or old woman first (Figure 1 and 3) and than the composite picture (Figure 2), selective perception has been triggered. Exposure to either picture draws our attention to seek out thinking processes willingly oblige by conforming that the second picture lives up to our expectations."1



"The state of your life is nothing more than
a reflection of your state of mind."  ~
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