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Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Managers succeed by following the rules. Innovators succeed by breaking rules

Old Management Model: hierarchical, rigid, command-and-control well tailored to a business environment where change is slow and evolutionary

New Management Model: flat, flexible, centerless,  focused on managing business enablers (people, knowledge, and coherence) tailored to a business environment characterized by rampant change, rapid globalization, and growing complexity



New Management Model vs. Old One

Old Model

New Model

Managing Assets

Managing Resources, Capabilities, Change and Opportunities

Built around assets

Built around capabilities and Innovation Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Focus on managing numbers

Focus on creating innovative value


Networked, cross-functional


Leadership-Management Synergy  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Independent parts

Interdependent and synergized parts


Proactive and responsive

Command and control

Empowered employees turned to self-leaders and intrapreneurs

Rationality and analysis

Intuition and simulation games

Risk-averse blame culture

Encouraging radical ideas, experimentation and risk-taking







Leadership the New Managerial Task

Leadership vs. Management

In the new era of rapid changes and knowledge-based enterprises, managerial work becomes increasingly a leadership task. Leadership is the primary force behind successful change. Leaders empower employees to act on the vision.

They execute through inspiration and develop implementation capacity networks through a complex web of aligned relationships.




Leadership-Management Synergy

To maximize your long-term success you should strive to be both a manager and a leader and to   synergize their functions  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book. Merely possessing management skills is no longer sufficient for success as an executive in today's business world. You need to understand the differences between managing and leading and know how to integrate the two roles to achieve organizational success... More



  25 Lessons from Jack Welch  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book