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"The secret of success in life, and subsequently of making money, is to enjoy your work. If you do, nothing is hard work no matter how many hours you put in." ~ Billy Butlin




Happy vs. Unhappy People

10 Differences

  • Unhappy people envy successful people. Happy people admire great achievers and learn from them... More




Master of Happiness

What It takes to achieve happiness on all levels?

It is amazingly simple. You need to do just one thing open your heart to love: love what you have; love what you do, and love other people.

5 Keys To Happiness

Happiness 360: the Three Loves

The two main sources of happiness are enjoying what you have and creating new things. Happiness is about life-business synergy: love your life, love what you have, do what you love to do, and strive to make other people happier.

Creative Achiever

Follow your heart and intuition. Your passion will lead you to inspiration and completion. That's all you need. Follow you inner direction, not external suggestions. Don't split your energy. By trying to chase many rabbits at once, you'll catch neither.

Be Different and Make a Difference!

Entrepreneurial Creativity: 4 Keys

True Success: 4 Questions To Ask Yourself

Focus, if you wish to hit the mark, and pursue your true passion, if you wish to be creative. Creativity is your key to a brighter future. Creativity gives you an incredible source of adventure, achievement, self-discovery, connection, spirituality, awakening, self-worth, identity, healing, happiness, energy, and power... More

The State of Piece, Good Fortune, and Success

Yin and Yang represent two fundamental forces that create and harmonize the Universe by their interaction. In the state of piece, good fortune, and success (I-Ching, Hexagram 11), Yin, the Receptive, which moves downward, stands above; Yang, the Creative, which moves upward, is below.

Hence their influences meet and are in harmony, so that all living things bloom and prosper. This is a the state of piece, good fortune, and success.

Like everything on Earth, this state is subject to change however. Prosperity is followed by decline: this is the eternal law. Evil can be held in check for a while but not permanently abolished. It always returns.

Yet, this is not a tragedy. It shout just to keep us from falling into illusion that good fortune comes to us automatically. If we are mindful of the danger, we remain persevering and make less mistakes. As long as your inner nature remains stronger and richer than anything offered by external fortune, as long as you remain inwardly superior to fate, fortune will not desert you.