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3Bs of Strategic Creativity

Left-brain dominant organizations that are devoted to short-term, bottom-line, hard-data orientations usually neglect strategic leadership development and therefore breed left-brain dominant executive who seldom find time to "communicate vision and direction, build teams, develop people, or plan meeting, except in a kind of crisis way.

9 Signs of a Losing Organization

No wonder many individuals and institutions are caught going in the wrong direction, being in the wrong jungle, or leaning against the wrong wall. Strategic leadership can eliminate such misdirection and make things right again," writes Steven Covey in Principle-Centred Leadership.

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As a strategic leader responsible for the enterprise strategy development and implementation your prime responsibility is to ensure that your organization is going in the right direction and stands out from the competition. You can provide a shared vision and direction, motivate through love and passion, and build a synergistic team based on mutual respect if you are more effectiveness-minded than efficiency-minded and more concerned with mission, direction and results than with rules, systems, and procedures.

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Results-based Leadership