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Meetings should not be boring

A typical staff meeting is often a boring uncreative process. At such a meeting, a formal, professional atmosphere is combined with a meeting agenda to keep people "focused," or "on track." The meeting manager fails to ask for creating ideas, even at the most opportune points. In such meetings, the participants get bored, and freewheeling is bound to occur.

Vadim Kotelnikov humorous quotes Meetings are dangerous life − they can bore you to death.




Company Director to Board Chairman: If any new ideas come up while I am out of the meeting for a brief phone call, my vote is 'No.'  >>>



Turn Business Meetings Into a Creative Process

No business meeting should reach it's end without the leader asking for strategically aligned creative ideas.

To take advantage of the group's unique creative potential, ask the participants for imaginative thinking to create an atmosphere where one person's question or comment can easily stimulate another's imagination. Build a sense of informality, trust, and shared understanding of the future.


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How To Run a Brainstorming Session

Brainstorming is the best-known and widely used team-based creative problem solving and creative thinking technique. One major reason why brainstorming is useful is that it helps to free us from 'fixed ideas', exchange knowledge and cross-pollinate ideas.

The ideas you want to develop during brainstorming session should flow from the strategies you identify to achieve the objectives. The clearer your objective is, the better you will be able to devise strategies to achieve it... More


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Follow Up

If you call a meeting to set some goals, then follow up to see if the goals are achieved. At the  next meeting, discuss what have been achieved before having another long-range planning session, There should be a relentless consistency, not jumping around.




A Model of a Team Leader

Daily stand-up meetings 2 minutes every morning so everyone knows where they are

Weekly retro meetings feedback on what we can improve every week and make sure it is acted upon... More