Entrepreneurial Team

Specific features and how to build them

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6+6 Drivers for Entrepreneurship

7 Routes to High Profits




Entrepreneurial Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book team members have a shared entrepreneurial vision,
passion for creation of innovative customer value Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book and shared commitment to the new venture.

Two Specific Factors

Two factors Influence the performance of an entrepreneurial Team Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book:

①  Venture creation  is a novel, experimental and mostly unstructured and intuitive task. A team creating a breakthrough solution is venturing in an uncharted territory and has to forge a new path in the jungle full of unpredictabilities and enemies >>>

10 Commandments of Innovation Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

②  Turbulent, change-resistant and often hostile external environment has a direct and great influence on venture performance.

How To Discover Opportunities

Build Specific Features of a Winning Entrepreneurial Team

Balance Internal and External
Manage the venture internally as well as monitor, analyze and respond to the external environment.

Synergize Diversities
While some homogeneity must exist for the entrepreneurial team to function, it is heterogeneity and
synergized diversities that help the team demonstrate superior performance, especially in turbulent environments and markets. A heterogeneous team can create innovative synergies and make more comprehensive decisions by considering more options for action.

Be Strategically Flexible
Keep adapting your
Business Model Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, entrepreneurial and venture strategies as the growth market changes and provides the combination of present market size and rapid increases in demand.

Learning SWOT Questions




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