Tao is really Nature's way: the order, course of pattern of all things created.

The Tao never acts with force, yet there is nothing that it can not do.

Yin and Yang are symbols of the Tao.  They are the dynamic force of the Tao, constantly interacting with one another.

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Taoist Success Formula


Success is the sum of preparation and opportunity.





The Two Polar Energies

In Chinese philosophy, the Tao is the "way" a path to harmony.

Yin and Yang are the two polar energies that, by their fluctuation and interaction, are the cause of the universe. The notion means that the reality consists of relationships between opposite and opposite principles. Yin and yang are polar manifestations of the Tao of the supreme ultimate. The One is divided through the creative powers of the Tao into two opposite energies and dualities, which then give birth to "the ten thousand things".  >>>


Lao Tzu advice quotes teachings

The sage puts himself in the background yet is always to the fore;

remains outside, but is always here.

Lao Tzu



Being In Accord With Reality

The Tao helps you achieve much more with much less effort.

The Tao of Leadership

This effortless skill comes from being in accord with reality. You can't tell the singer from the song. You can't tell the dancer from the dance. When you are in harmony with the Tao, when you go with its current  of energy, your innate intelligence takes over, and the right action happens by itself.  If you think about it, you lose it. This is the purest and most effective form of action that Tao Te Ching calls "not-doing" or "non-action".

The Tao teaches you the art of living and doing business.


Customer Value Creation Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

The Tao gives you advice that imparts perspective and balance. It applies equally well to the management of large corporations or the running of a small business, to the governing of a nation or the leading a small team, to your personal development or to the coaching of others.




Balanced Growth

"There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist,
or accept the responsibility for changing them."
~ Dr. Denis Waitley

Yin: looking at your business from the outside-in, empathizing with customers, understanding customer perceptions as well as needs of all stakeholders, and working towards satisfying them.

Yang: creating new market niches and customers by inventing new-to-the-world products, mastering radical innovation, venture, competitive, and differentiation strategies.





Balanced Change Management

Yin: anticipating change; creating an adaptive organization; and adapting to change.

Yang: being different, creating change and changing the name of the game >>>





Vadim Kotelnikov Wei Di Chinese name Great Emperor

If a concrete wall blocks your way,

become water and flow around it.  >>>

Wei Di