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Unleash the Power of Integrated Opposites Case Studies

Leadership-Management Synergy


Leading Innovation

Maintain a Fresh Perspective with Your Employees

Hire a diverse group of individuals... More

Life-Business Synergy

Leverage Opposite Forces

To be successful in today's complex, rapidly changing and highly competitive world, you must embrace, manage and synergize critical opposites.

2 Basic Business Growth Strategies

"An important but widely overlooked principle of business success is that integrating opposites, as opposed to identifying them as inconsistencies and driving them out, unleashes power," writes Mark Stevens, the author of Extreme Management. "This is true on both a personal level (the balanced manager is more effective than his or her peer at one end of the control spectrum) and on organizational level as well... On an organization level we accept the existence of hard and soft dichotomies because this binary perspective helps to rationalize personal styles, viewpoints, and structures. Polarized thinking is simplistic and misleading. In the business world, ideal approaches are generally painted in gray as opposed to black and white."

You can inspire innovation and find a strategic competitive advantage in an organizational and cultural context by seeking to leverage, rather than diminish, opposite forces. People with different cultural, educational, scientific, and business backgrounds will bring different frames of reference to a problem and can spark an exciting and dynamic cross-pollination of ideas.

Creative Problem Solving: Switching Perceptions


Become an Inspirational GURU


Case Studies Integrated Diversity at GE

"What sets GE apart is a culture that uses diversity." ~ Jack Welch

"Integrated diversity" is a term used by Jack Welch, the legendary former CEO of GE, to define a synergistic learning culture.

25 Lessons from Jack Welch

Integrated diversity only works when the elements of that diversity, independent businesses, are strong in their own right. That was why Welch had always emphasized the importance of creating strong, stand-alone businesses. Welch described "integrated diversity" as the elimination of boundaries between businesses and the transferring of ideas from one place in the company to another. "Integrated diversity means the drawing together of our different businesses by sharing ideas, by finding multiple applications for technological advancements, and by moving people across businesses to provide fresh perspectives and to develop broad-based experience. Integrated diversity gives us a company that is considerably greater than the sum of its parts."... More



Jack Welch advice business quotes

Integrated diversity means the drawing together of our different businesses by sharing ideas.

Jack Welch


Stephen Covey advice quotes

Strength lies in differences,

not in similarities.



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