Create a passionate, intensely curious and energetic hot team of innovators with shared passion for work, each other and customers.

Provide strategic direction and alignment to ensure that all contributions go in the right direction. Create a noble purpose focused on a common target and a big picture of a desired future. Make sure that every team member sees a great benefit in following the vision >>>

Build synergies between diverse people, strategies, innovations, solutions and actions. Help people grow and synergize their ideas during intellectual cross-pollination and brainstorming >>>

Set stretch goals, instill unending creative dissatisfaction with the status quo and empower the team to unleash entrepreneurial creativity.

Brainstorm frequently to cross-pollinate ideas, find creative solutions to problems and discover emerging or overlooked opportunities >>>

Lead by example. Be ambitious, customer-focused, creative, yet pragmatic, empathetic, agile, tolerant of ambiguity, ready to take risk, flexible and persistent.

Nurture team creativity. Help your innovation team adopt advanced ideation techniques and tools; play entrepreneurial simulation games, such as Innoball,  with the most promising ideas.  >>>

Encourage experimentation and risk taking. Be prepared to fail many times until you find a great idea that works. Treat noble failure as investments and learn from feedback  Innompic Games icon.

Streamline team activities. Formulate weigthed guiding principles  Case Studies; provide methods for quick evaluation of ideas; rules for reassessment of past decisions and venturing into new areas.  >>>

Reward innovative behavior, both team-based and individual. Provide special rewards  Innompic Games icon for breakthrough ideas and entrepreneurial actions. Celebrate small victories  Innompic Games icon.




  Innompic Games icon  >>  Winner of the "Best Innovation Team" award at the 1st INNOMPIC GAMES