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Leveraging diversities
is a fundamental strategy of INNOMPIC GAMES that helps IG create great positive impact for centuries ahead.

IG celebrate differences in approaches, diversity of styles, and cross-cultural unity. Participation of international teams is a trademark feature of World IG.

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Case Studies SHA Wellness Clinique


SHA project integrates the benefits of natural therapies and healthy eating together with the latest advances in Western medicine. This unique and synergistic blend of Eastern and Western approaches sets the SHA apart from its competitors.... More




Case Studies Steelcase


Steelcase was founded in 1912 by people with a strong commitment to integrity and doing the right thing for their employees, customers, business partners, associates and neighbors. In all of their diversity efforts, internal and external, Steelcase sets the industry standard. For example, Steelcase has the industry's first and largest Supplier Diversity Program. A look at Steelcase's diversity and outreach initiatives shows that the company's expression of this commitment has matured over time. And their understanding of workplace diversity has broadened well beyond issues of race and gender in hiring and promoting. A fundamental Steelcase workforce strategy is to leverage the diversity of ideas, skills and cultures of all people at all levels of the company.



Case Studies Tech Oasis


Tech Oasis is an alliance of industry and government founded in early 1999. It is a flourishing tech community rich with innovation, capital and talent. It is also a business philosophy people, companies, associations, and government working together for mutual gain and mutual success. Tech Oasis exists to encourage and foster a rich, vibrant, and diverse ecosystem of interconnected people, companies, associations and groups. It helps you discover for yourself the incredible diversity of tech related associations and groups in Arizona. It highlights and builds upon the existing strengths and advantages of the region, showcases its successes, and interconnects its efforts so as to build both internal synergies and external awareness. 




Case Studies Diamond Associates


"Collaborate," advises Georgann Occhipinti from Diamond Associates. "I periodically collaborate with another consulting firm as a way of developing my own. The group is comprised of other consultants and business owners with very diverse backgrounds. We work together as a very effective team. Each of us can rely on any other to lend support, solutions, and the latest industry knowledge."... More








Case Studies Cargill


To reach their goal of being the global leader in nourishing people and unlocking their potential, Cargill behave in ways that support and leverage the many differences among employees, suppliers and customers.... More




Case Studies GE


Jack Welch liked to say that GE's uniqueness was based on its being a multibusiness enterprises with a learning culture; that made its diversity a competitive advantage rather than a handicap. At GE the sum is greater than its parts as both business and people diversity is utilized in a most effective way. A major American enterprise with a diverse group of huge businesses, GE is steeped in a learning culture and it is this fact that makes GE a unique company... More



Case Studies Hewlett-Packard Way


To create an organization that could sustain its competitive advantage regardless of marketplace whims and what their competitors were building, HP founders based their corporate culture on the integration and reinforcement of critical opposites. Although HP people are taught to engage in cross-functional teams, they are also rated on the performance of decentralized business units and personal achievement.... More