Working together: challenges and synergy opportunities


Different approaches to life values, principles, truth, goals and success  >>  Indian workers

Different approaches to doing business

Different communication styles

Different attitudes towards conflict and disclosure

Different approaches to performance and completing tasks

Different approaches to taking initiative and risk-taking

Different approaches to leadership

Different decision-making styles

Different approaches towards teamwork

Different approaches to learning and sharing knowledge





How To Operate an International Joint Venture

Operating a joint venture with a foreign partner requires time, resources, and cross-cultural skills. Cultural intelligence, strategic thinking and a jointly prepared business plan can be the prescription to avoiding errors in cross-cultural projects... More



Russian proverbs

No one should go to another monastery

with one's own charter.




Respecting Cultural Differences and Working Together

Anthropologists discovered that, when faced by interaction that we do not understand, people tend to interpret the others involved as "abnormal", "weird" or "wrong".

Awareness of cultural differences and recognizing where cultural differences are at work is the first step toward understanding each other, communicating more effectively, building trust across cultural boundaries, and establishing a positive working environment. Use these differences to challenge your own assumptions about the "right" way of doing things and as a chance to learn new ways to solve problems and synergise diversities.


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