Technology Innovation

Technology Strategy


Guidelines on Technology Management for SMEs


United Nations International Centre for Science and High Technology (ICS)



3 Steps of Technology Management

The present guidelines have been conceived as a sequence of steps. Each enterprise should use this methodology, applying the steps appropriate and relevant to its level of complexity.



Enterprise survey and technology auditing

This helps in understanding the level of attention paid to technology in the enterprise and facilitates the involvement of employees from different divisions of the enterprise in the technology management process.

The first section provides an instrument for auditing the enterprise's technological capabilities and its awareness of technology as a means of improving competition. It can be used to assess whether the enterprise management has the appropriate level of understanding of technology and technology management, and whether the required climate to use technology is in place.




Technology Auditing   Focus Areas  |  Grading Survey  |  Recommendations





Development of the enterprise business strategy

This provides a simplified methodology for formulating the enterprise business strategy. This phase has been divided into three steps: product-market analysis, trends analysis, and identification of market competitive factors.

Disruption Strategy

This section proposes a simple methodology to develop a business strategy ending with the definition of the strategic priorities and lines of action.





Formulation of a technology strategy

This addresses the issue of how to identify the critical technological needs and identifies the basic dimensions of a technology strategy. It consists of three steps: Technology assessment; Technology selection; Definition of the portfolio of technological projects, and Strategic priorities and actions.

This third section presents a methodology deals with topics rather neglected in SMEs, its use requires the assistance of an expert.