Corporate capability represents the identity of your firm as perceives by both your employees and customers.

Capability is a capacity for a set of resources to perform a stretch task integratively or, better yet, synergistically. It is your ability to perform better than competitors using a distinctive and difficult to replicate set of business attributes.





Distinctive capabilities are the characteristics of your company which cannot be replicated by competitors, or can only be replicated with great difficulty. They are the basis of your core competencies and sustainable competitive advantage. Distinctive capabilities can be of many kinds: patents, strong brands, leadership, empowered people, tacit knowledge, or synergistic teamwork.





World's #1 Innompic Games

Distinctive capabilities helped the founder of Innompic Games to launch a civilizational breakthrough and to build IG as a relentless trend setter and the World's #1 in target areas.





In today's rapidly changing world,
"it's not the BIG that eats the SMALL,

it's the FAST that eats the SLOW!"

That's why people and companies who mastered
light-speed subconscious thinking
win today!

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