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Kaizen means "improvement". Kaizen strategy calls for never-ending efforts for improvement involving everyone in the organization managers and workers alike.

Two Parts of Kaizen Management

Cross-functional Management

Policy Deployment

  Kaizen Wheel: 6Ws - Why, Who, What, How, Where, When


Kaizen - Japanese Continuous Improvement Strategy  

"Kaizen means ongoing improvement involving everybody, without spending much money... You can't do Kaizen just once or twice and expect immediate results. You have to be in it for the long haul."

~ Masaaki Imai 




The Japanese management encourages employees to generate a great number of suggestions and works hard to consider and implement these suggestions, often incorporating them into the overall Kaizen strategy.


 Kaizen Culture

 3 Pillars

8 Elements







Continuous Improvement




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Everything can and should be improved
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Kaikaku-Kaizen Synergy

Kaizen and TQM

 Kaizen and Innovation

Kaizen Implementation: 7 Conditions

Glossary of Kaizen and Lean Terms

Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF)

 Implementation →  Best Practices





Keep in Mind




Kaikaku Kaizen Synergy - radical plus incremental improvements  

"Kaizen" means quite different things in Japan and the West.

In Japan, "kaizen" is a journey that focuses on people it calls to start any improvement with yourself and then improve everything around you.

In the West, "kaizen" is narrowly focused on improving processes.






Continuous Improvement