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Since its creation in 2001, I has been improving Business e-Coach continuously both radically and incrementally. Due to this relentless improvement journey, Business e-Coach grew from a single website at 1000ventures.com to a synergistic family of sister websites satisfying diverse needs of their visitors.

e-Coach: 10 Success Lessons

Having synergized e-Coach and Cimcoin, we've started building a smart, joyful and interpreneurial e-world called CimJoy.. More

We've also developed a global networks of licensed trainers >>>

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Business e-Coach Fun4Biz Suggestion System

Innovative IT-powered Fun4Biz suggestion system focuses on improving people. Its all about attitude motivation, achievement, continuous growth, transparency, recognition and involvement... More



Radical Improvement (Kaikaku): Kore 10 Tips


Kaizen Culture: 8 Key Elements

Kaizen Mindset

5 Principles of Kaizen

  Implementing Kaizen: 7 Conditions

Case Studies Thoku Oki Electric Co.

At Thoku Oki Electric Co., the suggestion system is the center of their success and leads all of their improvement efforts. The company gets 570 suggestions per employee per year (app. 1.5 written ideas per employee per workday).



Case Studies Japan Human Relations Association (JHRA)

The Japan Human Relations Association (JHRA) is leading the quick and easy kaizen efforts throughout Japan with its training programs, workshops, and publications. JHRA only promotes quick and easy kaizen. They dropped all of the other HR functions for they believe that quick and easy kaizen is the best way to develop human resources within a company >>>

Continuous Improvement Firm

Areas Targeted by TQM in Japan

Case Studies Fidelity Investments

At Fidelity Investments commitment to Kaizen is reflected in its performance management and compensation systems. Each fall, Fidelity companies establish business goals for the coming business year. These goals are tiered through the company's various divisions down to the individual manager level. Many of these goals are focused on improvements in existing products or processes... More

Case Studies Canon Production System (CPS)

Canon employees are offering around 50 improvement ideas per year per employee.

In some Canon plants, the foremen are told to set aside the half-hour as Kaizen time time to do nothing but thinking improvement in the workshop. The foremen use this period to identify problems and work on Kaizen programs.

Each Canon employee receives a 55-page pocket-size CPS Notebook that explains the CPS, how to get Kaizen targets, and the award system. These CPS Notebooks also have special pages entitled "My Self-Development Goals Method, Tools, and Investment" to be filled in by the worker... More

Toyota Production System

Lean Enterprise: Kore 10 Tips

Example of a Lean Value Chain